The stigma used to start with me – now I want to help end it

Before I came out about my alcoholism, I was terrified to be discovered. I literally had drunken nightmares about friends doing “an intervention” on me.

The shame pushed me into a corner, eventually I ran away to Haiti rather than admitting I had a problem.

But I’m not just a victim of mental health stigma, I was often its cause.

I just posted an article on Daily Recovery Club about how my religious beliefs made me a mental health hater. It’s been a long time since I thought that way, but tonight I’m turning those outdated beliefs over to my higher power.

  • No more judging others to make myself feel superior
  • No more joking about these problems to hide my own feelings
  • No more keeping silent because to protect myself

That’s one reason I want to smash the stigma around mental illness and addiction – because I remember how the shame made my problems worse. The isolation was fertile ground for my struggles to flourish.

I was part of the problem, with God’s help I want to be part of the solution.

End the stigma. Keep talking mental health.


One thought on “The stigma used to start with me – now I want to help end it

  1. There is something crazy powerful about “naming your demons”. I’ve had the same experience doing this “coming out” thing over the internet. It has been more than worth it. It would be for our relationship alone!

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