Doubt only surrenders to experience

  I saw this quote today on Seth's blog and it reminded me of my step 2 & 3 experience. Drink enough water and you will cease to be thirsty. And yet, a doubting person can be drowning in facts, but facts won't change a mind that doesn't want to be changed. More facts don't counter more … Continue reading Doubt only surrenders to experience


The Prayers of Alcohoics Anonymous 🙏 AA 📖

Yesterday was national day of prayer, according to Twitter. So I thought it'd be fun to post the model prayers from the Big Book. Then I took a nap and forgot, but I didn't want to delete a perfectly good blog post! Third Step Prayer God, I offer myself to Thee – to build with me and … Continue reading The Prayers of Alcohoics Anonymous 🙏 AA 📖

How NOT to Stay Sober

Finding a Sober Miracle


From a wealth of experience, some even remembered, I would like to start an un-checklist of things to avoid.

It just so happens I am an expert on how NOT to stay sober. Here are some pitfalls that played out over and over again in my own life. Feel free to add your own.

Don’t do these things! (An un-check list)

Play the victim.Even though you are the victim of a devastatingly addictive substance, playing the victim keeps you stuck. Don’t allow your mind to continually revisit the past, especially knowing that your brain is cleverly weeding out the shitty and emphasizing the sublime, so that it can once again turn you into its shady dealer.

You are not helpless. You are not defeated. You are still alive, and you can still win this battle.

Bathe in guilt. There is an allure to guilt. Sometimes it feels like you…

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